The kind of guidance provided by The Blueprint Club is for people that want to go from good or ok in life to really feeling alive and thriving,knowing that they make each day really count. It is for people who want to be able to go beyond what they are able to do alone, and live and work in an extraordinary way.

What's unique about us is that by working with us you will learn how to trust when you have processed something intellectually but not celluarly and when to come out of your mind so that your body can let 'stuff' through you not into you. And whilst the truth may at first 'piss' you off, it will also set you free.

We will teach you how to align with your from cell to soul so that you can live well for longer honestly. 

And one of the most interesting things?  Often the thing people think they are coming to have ‘coaching’ for often isn’t the thing that they actually end up working on.


To match you with the right people to bring change and transformation into your world, we first need to get to know you and understand more about where you are now and where you would like to be. Once we know that we can then work out how out of alignment you really are and who can help you reclaim that balance. 

It could be that you simply want change but don’t know what that looks like, it could be that you have simply lost sight of who you are amongst the pressure of being the provider, or that you have had ‘trauma’ in your life and you need change.

Everyone we work with is unique and whilst you can find out about them yourself on their websites, we know them well and we are confident in our ability to match you with the right one for you right now. All of them work with the mind, body connection and all of them teach you to align yourself with your own mind, body and soul. Giving you back the controls to your own health and wellbeing. 

Our job is very much to hear you and then to match you with someone that can really empower you to make the changes you need to both tap into your own sat-nav and to stay well for longer. It might however be that you simply need some time and space to hear yourself and our time together faciliates that.

We know we have the therapists, coaches and tools that can ensure you gain freedom through responsibility.

We want to help you feel and be the best version of you, in a way that works with both your lifestyle and for you to really feel you are in the driving seat of your life for at least the next 20 years.  It may be simply that you need help defining what the next 20 years looks like. We also want to make sure you stay well for longer, and to us the two are inextricably linked ! 

Our initial consultation is for 90 minutes in a venue that suits you, organised by us.

During this time we will identify your key objectives and discuss what your needs and wants are as well as outlining what is any changes are required moving forward. Following our consultation we will give you our reccomendations  as a well-being box with practical tools to get you started immediately. The box will include a 3 month eduttherapy programme which will help you sleep better and become more focused on what is important to you.  We will also agree a way forward for you and connect you with any additional functional medicine therapists necessary. This may include acupuncture, nutrition or just a good massage therapist. 

Initial Consultation is £196.00

Initial consultation

Often people know that they need change but they are not sure what they want. Part of our job is to clarify the difference.  We specialise in helping people find balance with their health and wellbeing as well as helping clients find their inner wisdom and start living a life they never need to escape from again.

Perhaps the following apply to you :

  • You want to find balance with your health and wellbeing
  • You want to change the outcome of your future in some way
  • You want to have more connected relationships
  • You want to take your business to the next level
  • You want to live your dreams, and learn to dream bigger
  • You're creative but just don't feel you're able to explore this side of you (remember creative is just another word for feeling alive, valued and heard)
  • You want to make the impossible possible
  • You want to take responsibility for your own freedom
  • You want to feel balanced and whole on the inside
  • You want to be the best version of you
  • You know life is for living but you can feel it slipping through your fingers
  • You know you can only inspire your children if you inspire yourself first and you are not setting an example you would like your children to follow 
  • You want to stop living in fear of being 'found out' 

Following our initial meeting you will then have a number of options when working with us further

What Next

Following our session it might be that we need to match you with a long term coach or a Functional Medicine Therapist or it might be that our first session was all you need right now.

Functional Medicine works with the mind and body and our team cover many disciplines including Nutrition, Psychology and Body alignment as well as Mindfulness, CBT, Acupuncture and Energy name a few ... together we can help you decide who is best suited to helping you unravel the onion layer you are ready to unravel .

It may be physical, it may be emotional or it could be both.  It could be that you just need 2 more 40 minute skype sessions done over 3 months whilst you do the work to regulate your nervous system,.Or it might be that you need to work with one of our high end coaches or work with us over a period of time. Our One day Diagnostics might also be an option.  

One Day Diagnostics and Road Map 

They say 'health' is your wealth but the truth is wellbeing is your key to everything in your life and there can be no price tag on that.

Creating a life you never need to escape from again really gives you the freedom to live your life well.

True wellbeing is your alignment with you from cell to soul not just your health, and it often requires you to align one and then follow the same process to align with all the other areas too (friends/money/love/fun ... ).

How we display our 'in-balance' will be unique because no two bodies and no two story's are the same and whilst many have it ‘all’ on the outside, actually many are running on empty and ‘trauma’ is just one sliding door away. 

In a day we will get clear on your 'why' and what changes need to be made right now. 

You will get an 0830 - 4pm focused session on you whereby you will get clear on what your 'motivation for change ' is and what needs to change in order for you to stay well in mind, body and soul for longer. 

In addition you will become clear on what the best route is for you to take in order to do this. We will also tap you into the body therapists and coaches we use to make sure you get maximum benefit on the day.

At the end of the day you will have had a complete recharge but one that is sustainable in your 'real life' and we will connect you with anyone else you may need/want to work with in order to re-align you with you.

Each day is unique but would look something like the following:

  • Either a power walk in the Sussex countryside or a 30 Minute Metabolic Effect class (its your choice which you do but both will be outside and if you choose the power walk feel free to bring your dog if you have one )
  • One on one mentoring for the day 0830- 1600 
  • Powerful 1 hour massage which will give you some intuitive clarity on what you need to hear right now
  • A day of fresh wholesome food and fresh air in the sussex countryside and a 3 day detox programme from our brilliant partners at 'You Juice' in Brighton. Its as much about the gut brain connection as anything else 
  • A 3 month programme which will enable you to reset your central nervous system and ensure you sleep well and wake up rested and ready for the day, every day. 
  • The toolset to know when you need to come out of your mind and into you body and the knowledge to know how to do it naturally 
  • Clarity on what changes you need to make so that you never feel the need to escape from your life again, an action plan on how you can achieve this and a support network of people that can help you achieve these goals in a timescale that works for you.

You will get a full report of what this entails so you don't forget anything.

In addition you will also get :

  • A 'wellbeing'  box of practical tools to get you started after the day.
  • A 3 day meal plan including all the ingredients to kick start your process and give your body  a good detox
  • 3 ‘Wellbeing’  boxes over the following six months, delivered every other month to keep you on track with your commitment to you.  Each unique to you.  
  • Two further 40 minute follow up sessions done 6 and 12 weeks after your day ( which can be done in person/on the phone/via skype).
  • One More half day session with a massage 3 months later 

The rest as they say 'will be what you decide it to be' and when you acknowledge that you are worth the investment, you can continue to inspire those you love to be best version of them too.

How much : £1,800.00 


 We work closely with our clients to help determine how best they can achieve their life transformation. We can do this in short sharp sessions but we also offer Loveursoul Agency Membership, which allows our clients to keep tapping into what gives them their balance in a way that allows you to make the shifts at your own pace. Membership is taken up once you have done a day with us and this includes the following benefits:

  • A half day session with us 0830-1400
  • A one-hour Skype or person to person session with one of our team every six weeks in the first six months and twice in the second six months
  • 3 day detox programme from 'You Juice' 
  • Access to our social media group which has regular input from us and connects you with other people doing something similar to you 
  • Ability to tap-in to our coaches throughout the year without having to go on their waiting lists – as well as access to our exclusive one-day retreats and seminars
  • Access to an online Body Work Session helping you learn how to tune into your body and what it is telling you without having to go to a yoga class
  • Discount to online programmes produced by the coaches we work with   

Standard Membership for one year is £1500.00 but if you work with one of our coaches after the initial meeting within 1 month, membership is £750.00 and you will gain all the benefits of standard membership bar the half day one on one coaching and the 3 day detox. 


We run regular events and workshops. Sign up for our newsletter and you can be kept up to date on these.  

Corporate Days

 We can also arrange corporate days for your staff. Just contact us to get a tailor made solution that helps your staff  improve their wellbeing and sustain their potential wihtout it being about diet and exercise


We beleive your health and wellbeing is worth investing the cost of one holiday and we also beleive that by working with us you will have the opportunity to create a life you never need to escape from again. 

We look forward to hearing from you.